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Road Course/Auto Cross

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1Road Course/Auto Cross Empty Road Course/Auto Cross on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:37 am

Ok well the boards have been a little boring so i thought i would start something, i just looked at Mid America Motorplex's schedule, and they are closed till April, but in April Fast Fridays start, its 120 buck for a full day as many laps as you want, so i was just wondering what you all thought btw MAM is in Omaha, NE.

On another note, auto cross, not sure when it start back up, but they are done for the season as well, i think its like 35 buck for the day, but its like 10-15 runs at most, and its local.

Didn't know what the plan of attack was, we are a club...mostly, just not a very big fallowing, didn't know if we did events, or car shows, or if BWW was it, i figured we could at least get halfway organized before racing season starts.

PS. if all goes as planned i will be making at least 2 trips to MAM next year with a Z or ZX hopefully, so if i have an extra seat in the dually ya'll are more welcome to come up and watch, or do a ride along on the track

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2Road Course/Auto Cross Empty Re: Road Course/Auto Cross on Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:19 am

The MAM sounds great. It's def something that I (and probably others) would be interested in, and a good thing to attract more members. And possibly we could get that funded so we all don't have to fork out 120 bucks for it. Cause I'm sure everyone who goes is going to want to test there car out. As for car shows, our original plan was to do shows as a group, but this will probably only be possible in the warmer seasons, as road salt caked winter wheels don't look so great.

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3Road Course/Auto Cross Empty Re: Road Course/Auto Cross on Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:31 pm

well we are gonna need some fundig to do some of this stuff but it is in the plan to do all of this and have a ton of fun doing it Very Happy

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